Duplex Lift Station Control Panel
Control Status

On the Control Panel deadfront are LED status indications for

Pump 1 call
Pump 2 call
Pump 1 overtemp
Pump 2 overtemp
Alarm indication
Telephone dialer output
Power on
Off floatswitch
Lead floatswitch
Lag floatswitch
Alarm floatswitch
Seal Failure

This, together with the panel graphics, aids in troubleshooting the system. Floatswitches can be raised individually and checked against the indications.

The output for an external alarm light has two discrete indications: two quick flashes followed by a pause indicates high wetwell level, single flashes indicate floatswitch malfunctions. Reset is automatic when the condition is cleared. For testing the alarm light, one double-flash of the alarm light output occurs on powerup. Flash timing is designed with a 25% duty cycle to extend lamp life.

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