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Duplex Lift Station Control Panel

The TEI Controls Duplex Lift Station Control Panel provides the electrical equipment required to operate a 2-pump lift station having motors of up to 25 horsepower at 460 volts 3-phase. It requires 4 floatswitches for level sensing and has outputs for an external alarm light and a telephone dialer (not included). It features a logic controller which can handle typical floatswitch failures and can continue to operate the lift station on only one functioning floatswitch. The unit is designed to be dependable, serviceable and simple to operate using quality corrosion-resistant materials.
  • NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure with stainless steel hardware 30 x 24 x 7"
  • NEMA-rated components. No IEC components are used.
  • Controls and indications are on an internal hinged plastic deadfront panel.
  • Operates from 208, 230 or 460 volt 3-phase supplies.
  • Internal control transformer provides 120 volt control circuit.
  • Suitable for 3-phase motors rated 1-10 HP @ 208V, 1-12.5 HP @ 230V, 2-25 HP @ 460V.
  • Magnetic trip motor circuit protectors
  • Separate phase failure protection for each motor
  • Separate ground-fault protection for each motor
  • Adjustable overload protection
  • Selectable manual/automatic reset for phase failure, ground-fault, and overload
  • Seal failure detection
  • Standard 4-floatswitch operation for Off, Lead pump on, Lag pump on, and High level alarm
  • 2-pump alternation
  • A minimum off-time feature prevents frequent cycling of the motors. Unlike a start delay timer, this feature allows a motor to start quickly under normal conditions.
  • Motors will be staged on following a power failure or other situation that would call for both pumps to start simultaneously.
  • Low voltage circuits for floatswitches and seal failure provide improved operator safety
  • Logic circuitry allows controls to continue to function with multiple floatswitch failures.
  • Separate indications for the status of each floatswitch allows the operator to easily test the floatswitches
  • Deadfront-mounted control stations for each motor with On, Off, Automatic, and Reset pushbuttons and Run, Off, Overload alarm, and Trip indications. Unlike most pushbutton control systems, control status is retained in memory in the event of a power outage so that the system will automatically return to normal operation when power is restored.
  • Status indications for Pump 1 call, Pump 2 call, Pump 1 overtemp, Pump 2 overtemp, Alarm indication, and Telephone dialer output signal
  • Output for external alarm light with two 

  • HIGH

    discrete indications: two quick flashes followed by a pause indicates high wetwell level, single flashes indicate floatswitch malfunctions. Reset is automatic when the condition is cleared. For testing the alarm light, one double-flash of the alarm occurs on powerup. Flash timing is designed with a 25% duty cycle to extend lamp life.
  • Deadfront-mounted fuseholders
  • A graphical representation of the system on the deadfront panel simplifies troubleshooting by illustrating signal flow through floatswitches, indications, fuses, and control stations.

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