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Elevated Storage Tank Control Panel

The TEI Elevated Storage Tank Control Panel is designed to provide reliable level control, indication and alarms for an elevated water storage tank. The system consists of a digital level indicator/controller which may be  adjusted to open and close a fill valve or control one or two pumps, along with an internal pressure sensor for level measurement housed in a Nema 4X fiberglass enclosure with built in heater and fixed thermostat for condensation control and freeze protection.

 The 20x16x6 enclosure with stainless steel hardware incorporates a non-metallic interior deadfront panel with a graphical representation of the control system and space to write in the settings. Mounted in the deadfront are the indicator/controller, HOA switches for the level devices and alarm, and fuses. The terminal strip is left exposed at the lower end of the panel for easy access during installation, maintenance and testing.

 Surge protection and fusing provides extra protection against power supply surges that are often a problem at remote elevated tanks.

The level indicator/controller provides a digital readout of the current tank level, separate on and off setpoints for 2 fill devices, and setpoints for low and/or high level alarms. The unit is field replaceable by simply pulling it from its socket and plugging in the replacement and does not require removing the deadfront. The digital readout may be programmed to read the tank level in the desired units and the offset may be programmed to compensate for the mounting elevation. Settings are retained in the event of loss of power.
Level Indicator/Controller

 The standard level transmitter is of stainless steel construction and is suitable for tanks of approximately 70' to 140' in height. Other transmitters are available. The transmitter is mounted inside the enclosure and is freeze protected. The unit is easily field-replaceable by removing the three electrical leads from the terminal strip and unscrewing the body from the bulkhead fitting.

 The built in condensation/freeze protection heater uses a fixed thermostat to keep the interior temperature at approximately 60-70 °F.

 An external SwageLock TM connector for 1/4" O.D. copper or vinyl tubing is provided.

 The unit requires 120 VAC power. A 24 VDC internal power supply feeds the 4-20 mA level sensing circuit.

 Outputs are the 4-20 mA level signal, a 120 VAC alarm light signal, and dry contacts for 2-level control and the high and/or low level alarm. 

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