Elevated Storage Tank
Control Panel

Typical Input and Output Connections

The control panel requires 120 VAC 60 Hz power.

Fill Valve
The control panel may be used to control a fill valve or fill pumps. Typical connections for a solenoid actuated fill valve are shown below.

Fill Pumps Control
The Elevated Storage Tank Control panel may be connected to a pump control panel or telemetry system to provide 2-stage fill control.

Level Signal Output
A 4-20 mA output is available for remote level readout. This is the raw signal from the level transmitter and has not been processed for mounting offset and tank bowl height.

Alarm Outputs
The alarm may be programmed to be for either low or high level or both. A 120 VAC output is available to power a local alarm light and an additional dry contact output is provided for connection to telemetry equipment.

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