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Product: Motor Control Center   Duplex/Triplex Panel   Water System Panel   EST Panel   Irrigation Panel   Radio Telemetry   Odor Control   San Filter Panel

Enclosure rating: Nema 1   Nema 3R   Nema 12   Nema 4   Nema 4X
Enclosure material: Painted Steel   Fiberglass   Aluminum   Stainless .304   Stainless .316
Enclosure options:   Interior deadfront panel   Interior light   Heater & thermostat

Voltage & phase:   120V 1   240V 1   240V 3   480V 3   Other
Main breaker: Yes   No   Main breaker amps:

Number of pumps:   Horsepower:   Amps (FLA):
Motor circuit protection: Std. breaker   MCP breaker   Fuses   Motor circuit protection amp rating:

Motor starter rating: IEC   NEMA   Motor starter trip: Heaters   Electronic adjustable
Motor starter comments:

Pump control switches: On/off   HOA   HOAR   None

Indicators: Run (red)   Stop (grn)   Overtemp* (amber)   Seal failure** (amber)
Other indicators (specify):

Pilot lights: Standard 120-volt   Transformer type   Push to test? Yes No   Lamps: Incandescent   LED

Pump control options:  
Elapsed time meter  
Overtemperature protection*
Motor start delay
*Motor must be equipped with overtemperature switch to have overtemperature protection.
**Motor must be equipped with moisture probes to have seal failure indication.

Alarms:   Alarm light   Alarm horn   Alarm silence button   Telephone dialer
Alarm comments:

Control relay options:   Check button   Indicator light
Relay comments:

Additional options:   Phase imbalance protection   Phase reversal protection   Under voltage protection   Voltmeter and switch   Ammeter and switch   Manual alternator advance button*   UPS (specify ratings, model, or purpose)
*Automatic pump alternation is standard on panels having more than one pump.