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Radio Telemetry System - Model 0009

The TEI Controls Radio Telemetry System - model 0009 is designed to be a simple, economical solution to remote telemetry problems. The model 0009 can send up to five control signals (contact closures) from a slave unit to a master unit.
Plug and play out of the box, no configuration or programming necessary!
  • 5 Digital data bits input at Slave unit
  • 5 Digital data bits output at Master unit
  • Communications failure alarm output at Master unit
  • Up to 14-mile "line-of-site" range**
  • No radio license required
  • 900 MHz band
  • Nema 4X water tight fiberglass enclosure
  • 2-Antennas, 2-radios, cables, and lightning protection are included
  • Isolation relays used on inputs and outputs to protect against voltage surges
  • 18 Month Warranty
** Maximum line-of-sight range determined by antenna height and terrain. Must be true line-of-site: no buildings, trees, power lines, or hills.

The master and remote units are each housed in a 16"H 14"W 7"D Nema 4X fiberglass enclosure with stainless steel hardware. All output contacts are rated 2 amps @ 120 volts.

Custom Configurations and Options

TEI Controls radio telemetry systems can be produced in various configurations to serve customer-specified needs. Some available options are:
  • 2-Way telemetry
  • Contact closure transmission from Master to Slave unit
  • Programmed logic functions
  • Instrumentation signal transmission/processing
  • Multiple remote sites
  • Range extension by signal relay

For pricing and help with your application contact us at info@teicontrols.com or call 512-259-2977 (9-4 Central Time).

With 14 miles of range, the skies the limit!

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