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TEI Controls Industrial Rated Drip Irrigation Control Panel

TEI Controls Drip Irrigation Control Panel
The TEI Controls Drip Irrigation Control Panel is designed to provide programmable control of up to 30 irrigation zones, backwash control of up to 10 filters, and motor control for 2 pumps. The system employs a programmable logic controller with a color touch screen Operators Interface Console, housed in a Nema 4X fiberglass enclosure. Single-phase as well as three-phase models, are available to handle motors up to 50 HP @ 480 V 3Ø.

 The TEI Controls Drip Irrigation Control Panel accepts inputs from float switches to provide pump-down control of a holding tank. The two pumps alternate as well as provide backup for each other. Up to 4 alarm outputs provide autodialer alert to operators for various alarm conditions. Filter backwash may be initiated manually or automatically by pressure loss across the filter or by pump run time.

For complete panel and irrigation system information vist SURFLO

Motor Control Section

  • Two pumps with alternation (Nema or IEC rated starters)
  • HOA controls permit hand operation of pumps or taking one pump out of service
  • Maximum horsepower: 5 @ 115V 1Ø, 10 @ 230V 1Ø, 30 @ 230V 3Ø, 50 @ 480V 3Ø
  • Capacitor packs for single-phase motors (provided by motor manufacturer) to be installed in a separate enclosure
  • If motor starter fails to energize, other pump is started
  • Elapsed run times are displayed
  • Alarm outputs are available for motor start failure
  • A pump which has failed to run is locked out until failure latch is reset

Float Switch Controls

  • Standard operation requires five normally-open float switches in the supply tank
  • Lowest float switch provides low-level alarm
  • Second float switch provides pump-off control
  • Third float switch provides pump-enable control
  • Fourth float switch initiates high duty operation
  • Highest float switch provides a high-level alarm

Alarm Conditions

  • High-level
  • Pump #1 fail to run
  • Pump #2 fail to run
  • Low-level
  • Float switch failure
  • Air compressor failure
  • Zone dosing failure
  • Output for external alarm light is activated

Valve Controls

  • The master valve closes during backwash cycle
  • Selectable one-zone (small pump) or two-zone (large pump) operation mode
  • Independently selectable irrigation time for each zone
  • Independently selectable rest time for each zone
  • Zone valves may be activated manually
  • Optional independently selectable irrigation dosing in gallons for each zone
  • Zones can be bypassed in automatic operation

Filter Controls

  • Automatic backwash control for up to ten filters
  • Backwash can be initiated by manual signal, pressure loss across filters, or pump dosing time
  • Controls accommodate air scouring systems

Field Flush

  • Automatic initiation of field flush of zones
  • Automatic opening of field flush valve
  • Automatic operation of one pump (large pump) or two pump (small pump) mode
  • Field flush time set by operator

Communicatuions Options

  • DH485 local network, RS232C, or Ethernet
  • Radio system telemetry
  • Phone system telemetry
  • Operator Interface Console (OIC) utilizes a standard color touch screen
  • PLC automatically adjusts OIC screens to the number of zones and filters

Operator Interface   Manual

Parts List   Part numbers for replacements parts

Dimensions   Enclosure and mounting dimensions.

Engineer's Specs   Suggested specifications for the TEI Controls Drip Irrigation Panel in .html format or in .pdf format or other TEI Controls specifications.

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